Munday's Moringa Collection



    Powerful plant-based self-care

    Our handmade, natural Moringa Collection will wrap you in health, healing and happiness—right in your own home.

    Moringa is a centuries-old Ayurvedic ingredient – sweet and nourishing super green – and a health and beauty booster. Fast-growing and drought-resistant, Moringa trees flourish across Southeast Asia. Moringa leaves feature in traditional dishes, ancient home remedies, and skin and hair care secrets families pass down over generations.

    With its high concentration of Behenic Acid, Vitamins A and C, Niacin and Zinc, Moringa is believed to fight aging and inflammation, while replenishing moisture and balance. Moringa oil is extracted from pods that contain the oil-bearing seeds, but it is the leaves of the moringa tree that is the most nutrient-rich. Munday artisans infuse these leaves in nourishing plant oils to extract the essence and use as a key ingredient. Munday’s Moringa Collection incorporates antioxidant-rich moringa in our natural handmade soaps, natural body butters and scrubs. Moringa’s anti-inflammatory benefits shine in Munday’s lip care products and are great for replenishing chapped lips.

    As an all-natural (and almost magical) adaptogen, moringa leaves contain tryptophan, known to calm the mind and bring the body back into balance – nature’s answer to stress relief! A relaxing soak in Munday’s Mineral Bath Soak purifies pores, hydrates your skin and stimulates blood circulation, but also soaks away your tension – a healing self-care indulgence to shift your energy.

    At the heart of Moringa’s holistic healing properties you will find wellbeing—the promise of Munday.