Munday's Thanaka Collection



    When you have the Munday Thanaka Collection, you’re golden.

    Our natural Thanaka Collection brings the timeless secrets of Burmese skincare into your home bath.

    Pure, pale yellow Thanaka powders and creams are everywhere in Myanmar, patterned on faces young and old in intricate and delicate designs. Prized for its powerful sun protection and skin-enhancing properties, Thanaka has long been believed to give skin an absolutely ageless golden glow.

    Thanaka trees grow across central Myanmar and the paste made from their bark has been celebrated by locals for centuries. A cosmetic and skincare secret the West has only just begun to appreciate, Thanaka is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Thanaka powders and pastes have been made the same way for over 2,000 years—by slowly hand-grinding bark, wood pulp or roots on a traditional circular slate called the kyauk pyin.

    Thanaka’s naturally high concentrations of coumarin and marmesin purifies and protects skin—fighting acne and excess oil, brightening and evening skin tone, and restoring moisture and elasticity—while warding off free radicals and environmental toxins with bursts of anti-aging Vitamin E. The Burmese have been using Thanaka as an all-natural, chemical-free sunscreen, protecting skin against environmental irritants and maintaining its natural radiance—a commitment to simple everyday self-care.

    Our Thanaka Collection harnesses the amazing properties of Thanaka by packing it into our body butter, hydrating body mist and natural handmade soaps.

    When everyone asks for your skin and self-care secrets, it must be Munday.