Start Your Morning Right & Wake up with a Grounded Coffee Scrub!

Munday's Coffee Body Scrub helps to remove dead skin cells with organic sugars and nourishing oils

“Well begun is half done.” - Aristotle

Your morning routine sets you up for the rest of your day. Everything we expose our minds to enters our subconscious mind, where it can have an impact on our day ahead, whether we realize it or not. Starting your day off on the wrong foot often means you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

I like to spend my first waking hours alone, while everyone else is fast asleep. To me, nothing beats a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and a sudoku puzzle on the couch. 

But, not all morning routines are created equal. I’ve spent years trying to figure out what regimen works for me and I’ve found that it’s important to set a clear intention. What do you want to get out of your morning routine? Positivity? Focus? Productivity? Relaxation? Let that intention guide you in finding what works for you.

In today’s post, we want to highlight the benefits of our truly decadent coffee scrub (one whiff and you’ll be in caffeine heaven) and how it can help to perk up your morning skin and mind.

So get your coffee machine fired up and allow your brew to prep while you indulge in our latest read!

Start the morning right with a cup of coffee and the smell of Munday's Coffee Collection

An all-natural rise and shine
If coffee is what gets you up in the mornings, then we need to introduce you to our arabica coffee scrub.

Formulated with ​premium, freshly-roasted coffee infused oils and grounds, and sweetened with organic sugars, this scrub is sure to help lift your spirits as it wakes up your skin for the day ahead. Coffee provides a healthy flush of increased blood circulation and contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial chlorogenic acids for tighter, clearer skin.

In fact, just the aroma of coffee can be great for you! ​In a stud​y, lab mice who inhaled the aroma of coffee exhibited genes and proteins with healthful, antioxidant properties, known to protect nerve cells from stress-related damage! Research also shows that the smell of coffee can improve mental focus and boosts performance in certain analytical tasks.

For that added coffee aromatherapy, pop in a coffee shower melt and start your day with some rich, roasty oomph!

Munday's Coffee Sugar Scrub

Glowing, soft skin is in your near future
There’s nothing like starting the day with a full-body exfoliation to instantly reveal baby soft, glowing skin!

Raw organic sugar and ultra-finely ground Balinese coffee beans work together to gently, yet effectively, slough off dead skin cells to reveal new, radiant layers that were just waiting to be unearthed. 

Exfoliation also works to unclog and minimize pores, reduce cellulite and get rid of dark spots caused by too much melanin pigment trapped under the skin.

Plus, our arabica coffee scrub is filled with rich butters and oils that provide hydration, leaving your skin with a satin finish.

The result? Silky soft skin that drinks up your body lotions and oils, leaving you with skin that’s simply radiant!

Scrub away the tiredness of a busy day
Our coffee scrub is also wonderful for enjoying at the end of a long day, gently scrubbing away the day’s achy tiredness.

The smell of coffee will give you a good pick-me-up (without the caffeine to keep you up), while helping to calm the mind enough so you’re easily able to unwind and relax before you go to sleep. A coffee lover’s dream!

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the beautiful benefits of our coffee scrub for yourself.


Wishing you great heights,


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