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The Story of Munday Body Care

My Background

As an architect for almost 20 years, I have always been interested in the synergy between science and the creative arts.

Throughout the years, I have found ways to incorporate this passion into my hobbies—through making gourmet chocolates, baking bread and of course, formulating natural skincare products. Hence, the beginning of Munday Body Care.

My focus in creating Munday has always been about promoting simple and affordable self-care. Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is very important to me. I am mindful of what I feed my family and ensure that I maintain my fitness and keep myself energized. I believe this is all a part of taking care of my mental health.

In developing my self-care routine throughout the years, I’ve drawn from my experiences living in Southeast Asia and Australia, learning about different ingredients and practices. Throughout my travels, I’ve discovered that taking care of one’s mental, emotional and physical health takes on many forms. I have observed folks in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia using self-massage to soothe tired muscles and alleviate aches. And through incorporating adaptogenic herbs like gotu kola and turmeric leaves and anti-inflammatory spices into your diet. I became fascinated by how locals performed their daily self-care rituals using herbal remedies and botanical poultices.

When my family took a road trip across Australia many years ago, we paid a visit to the Adelaide Botanical Garden where we learned about the benefits of native Australian plants and how indigenous folk utilized them in their diet and healing. I was utterly fascinated and it piqued my interest into learning more about the benefits of botanicals.

Behind the scenes at Munday Body Care

Natural Body Care for All

When I decided to start Munday Body Care, I wanted to translate all of my learnings and experiences from these regions into our products in utilizing these unique and healing ingredients. I also wanted to create a space for everyday people to prioritize their self-care and find simple ways to incorporate self-loving practices into their routine.

I define self-care as the ability to tune into our bodies and be present with our emotions. It is about taking short breaks when we need to recharge, being kind to ourselves and prioritizing our authentic selves. It is an intentional practice. Self-care strengthens our resilience and tenacity.

I formulate our products with this in mind. I conduct extensive research into our ingredients and processes and I’m intentional in selecting the ingredients we use, looking at their holistic benefits.

We make all our products in small batches to ensure its freshness and consistency. We’re passionate about making our own herbal infusions and glycerites for our products. Our ultimate goal is for people to use our products to create self-care spaces on the daily.

For me, architecture was about creating spaces that inspire, relax and excite people. Through Munday, I aim to do the same for you, our customers—to uplift, rejuvenate and revitalize.



  • Darlene West

    My daughter and I are extremely impressed with the quality of these products. I’ve ordered more products on line and can’t wait to try them. Fast, exceptionally friendly service and amazing products!!

  • Swee Cheng

    I love your story and how Munday embodies your passion, vision and execution. Munday products sound awesome and I can almost smell the fragrances and feel the pulsating benefits that exude from the products through your descriptions. Your customers are very fortunate to have found you. May more discover the magic of Munday products. ❤️🌺 🌹

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