How to Get Better Blood Flow with Natural Ingredients for Your Skin

How to get better blood flow

Ever noticed how healthy your skin looks when you are all warmed up? 

That radiant flush after a good gym session or invigorating walk in nature is due to increased blood flow closer to the surface of your skin.

Apart from this wonderful instant skin perk, there are other benefits of increased blood circulation, which we will explore in this article. So, read on as we also share a few of our favourite skincare ingredients to instantly give your blood flow a boost!

Promotes collagen production

One of our absolute favourite benefits of increasing blood circulation in the body is that it helps to stimulate the production of collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein essential for taut, firm, youthful skin, and while it is naturally present in the body, its concentrations start to rapidly decline starting from your mid-twenties to thirties and beyond.

Using an all over body scrub can help to give your circulation a boost, while sloughing off dead skin cells to leave your skin soft and silky to the touch. 

Coffee is one of our favourite ingredients for helping to boost circulation as well as fight inflammation in the skin.

Try our Coffee Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub to wake up your senses as it wakes up your skin. 

Munday's Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs are great for increasing blood flow

Enhances the absorption of your skincare products

When your blood is flowing, your pores are open and are ready to receive quality skincare ingredients

Boosting blood flow with a scrub is a great idea before applying your body butter or lotion. Or why not treat yourself to a massage as you apply your lotion to help it better absorb and to even out your skin tone.

We have a beautiful range of healthy body butters for you to choose from. 

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

This is one benefit that many women love when it comes to boosting blood flow; less cellulite!

Cellulite is far more common than you realize! It is simply normal fat underneath the skin that appears bumpy as it pushes against connective tissue, giving the skin a dimpled look.

There are many factors that contribute to cellulite, one of the most common being natural loss of elasticity as you age. 

Boosting collagen by boosting blood flow, will help to increase elasticity in the skin so that it appears firmer, making cellulite less obvious. While there are many ways to minimize the appearance of cellulite, it is also a completely natural and normal part of your body that we should all accept and celebrate.

Cellulite is natural and beautiful

A few of our other favourite ingredients, apart from coffee, to help increase blood circulation include clove, eucalyptus and cinnamon, to name a few.

Our clay masks not only detoxifies the skin by drawing impurities, but it also improves blood circulation, prepping your skin for optimal absorption of serums and creams.

You will find these ingredients, and many more, in our skincare products. You can learn more about these specific ingredients as well as the rest of our core ingredients at our signature ingredients page.

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