The Munday Home Spa Guide to Moringa

Moringa leaves: the Munday Home Spa Guide to Moringa

As we begin to enter the colder months, add a skin-soothing, stress-relieving super green to your daily wellness routine.

Did you know that there is a powerful, plant-based beauty secret that can help you shine all season long? Replenish from within and regain your all-natural glow with the magic of moringa skincare. There are so many moringa benefits for your skin!

A centuries-old secret
In the countries where it grows, Moringa (also known as malunggay) is known as “the healing tree” for its natural ability to enhance beauty and restore balance in our bodies and minds. For centuries, the people of India, Asia, Africa and Latin America have mixed moringa leaves into favourite culinary dishes and used moringa extracts, oils and powders in holistic, herbal health and beauty treatments. And in Ayurvedic medicine, moringa is known as sigru—or moves like an arrow—for its ability to penetrate deeply into our systems and pull environmental toxins from our bodies while strengthening our hearts and blood.

This is the true secret of moringa’s might: its benefits go far beyond mere beauty. As an unusually potent adaptogenic herb, moringa is known to restore our sense of balance and reduce our stress levels—completely naturally.

Here in the west, moringa is suddenly making a move on matcha as the gotta-have-it green. The potent benefits of moringa are all anyone is talking about! And no one prepares moringa skin care products quite like Munday.

At Munday, we first discovered moringa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where many people grow it at home to season samlor korko, a signature dish of spicy fish soup, and to distill into ancient homeopathic treatments for the skin and hair. Everyone we met in southeast Asia seemed to take moringa’s magic for granted. And once we saw malunggay’s benefits and what moringa for skin could do, we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Moringa trees grow quickly, even in the toughest conditions, and can start flowering just 8 months after planting. When Munday artisans carefully extract their all-natural goodness from the leaves through infusions and tinctures, we tap into that potent natural energy and preserve its powers just for you. And when we blend moringa seed oil with emollient-rich avocado oils, Munday creates the ultimate moringa experience.

Moringa benefits for skin: powerful, plant-based beauty

  • Moisturize
    Rich antioxidant Vitamin E
    When you turn up the heat in your home or office, you also dial down the moisture levels in the air. We spend all season fighting dry, flaky and dull skin. For rich, long-lasting moisture, you need moringa for your skin. The moringa tree flourishes in drought-prone parts of the world thanks to its natural ability to safeguard moisture and its supercharged levels of antioxidant Vitamin E. The moment you massage a moringa-infused body butter or lip balm into your skin, you will feel your skin healing, smoothing and plumping with moisture.
  • Renew
    Anti-aging antioxidant Vitamin A
    We may think we’re getting away with long hours at the office and late nights with friends and family, but stress and a lack of sleep show up right away on our skin. Moringa’s rich resources of the all-star antioxidant Vitamin A (otherwise known as skin-rescuing retinol) promote rapid cellular renewal. By smoothing away fine lines and imperfections and calming inflammation, moringa refreshes and rejuvenates skin to reveal a more youthful and even tone—without any harsh chemicals or invasive, abrasive treatments.
  • Strengthen
    Infused with Iron
    Whether you’re running on the treadmill or running endless errands, the frenetic pace of daily life takes a toll on our bodies. Moringa leaves have high levels of ferrous sulfate, or iron, the mineral our muscles need to rebuild after rigorous workouts. (Note that while many moringa uses may need only skin application, iron cannot be easily absorbed through the skin.)
  • Soothe
    All-Natural Adaptogenic
    The benefits of moringa all begin with balance. Adaptogenic herbs are nature’s way of bringing us back to our best selves—calming our minds, re-aligning our bodily systems, refreshing our stores of energy and renewing our sense of purpose. Moringa is known as the “magic leaf” across many cultures because it can provide an additional layer of protection against the stressful emotions and situations we encounter every day. For a quick skincare refresher, smooth on some moringa goodness!

    Munday's Moringa Collection

    Make moringa part of your wellness routine
    You don’t have to escape to an exclusive spa or spend hours soaking in the tub to enjoy the many health and beauty benefits of moringa. A few moments can make all the difference.

    • In the bath
      Munday Moringa Collection
      Munday’s handmade Moringa Soaps are a cleansing, calming way to work moringa into your self-care, even on the busiest of days. On weekends or before a holiday party, steep yourself in soothing luxury with a foaming, fragrant Munday Moringa Bath Bomb or Munday Moringa Soothing Mineral Bath Soak.
    • On the go
      Make a Moringa smoothie
      Mix moringa powder into your morning greens or fruit smoothie! Much like matcha, moringa has an earthy, spinach-like taste and can turn your healthy morning drink into a truly tasty superfood.


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