3 Holistic Ways to Reduce Stress and Show Yourself Some Love

3 Holistic Ways to Reduce Stress and Show Yourself Some Love

We have a question for you, and we want you to be as honest as possible. 

When did you last show yourself some love? We don’t mean indulging in that dessert or taking a few sips of a calming tea, we mean show yourself some real love?

Practicing self-love can be challenging, especially when we have kids running around, work obligations and what seems like a never ending line of people depending on us. But you deserve to be loved, not only by the people around you, but by the most important person in your life – you! 

Too many of us wait until that point of burn out; when things feel overwhelming and we feel like we have reached our limit before we decide to do something about it. Showing yourself love should be a daily ritual that comes as naturally as brushing your teeth or eating your next meal. 

In this article, we want to share three incredible all-natural, holistic practices that can truly transform your life if you start incorporating them into your daily routine.

We will say this once, and you better believe it; you deserve to love yourself fully!

Turn your body care routine into a daily self-love ritual
This is everything we stand for at Munday!

I like to use my morning skincare ritual to get in touch with myself and show my body love.

Our products are formulated with rich, silky and nourishing oils and butters for a truly luxurious experience, while our essential oils work on your senses to uplift and soothe.

Your body care ritual should be a time just for you; to unwind and relax and literally wash the day’s stress and troubles away. 

Start adding adaptogens into your routine
Adaptogens, named after their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to your body’s needs, are the herbal equivalent of synthetic pharmaceuticals, but you don’t need a prescription and they don’t come with a list of lengthy side-effects. 

Adaptogens are stored in the body and then released in response to a flood of stress hormones when you encounter stress of any kind. They help to counteract the negative effects of stress by supporting your body’s natural ability to deal with it.

The power of adaptogenic herbs are precisely why we use Moringa in so many of our products. Moringa not only helps to enhance energy and focus, but also helps to calm your body.

One adaptogenic spice that you probably have in your pantry right now is turmeric. This golden spice is rich in curcumin, which helps to boost your mood and brain function. It will help to calm your mind and improve your sleep quality. Try having it right before bed in a delicious golden milk for a great night’s rest.

Some other popular adaptogens include ashwagandha, ginseng, maca and aloe vera.

Turmeric latte

Find ways to tap into your breath and your true power
The power of regular deep breath practice is quite phenomenal.

Not only will a few deep belly breaths instantly slow your heart rate, helping you to feel more relaxed, deep breathing actually stimulates lymph flow, helping your body to flush out accumulated toxins every day!

Deep breathing also helps to improve your digestive health, which is so incredibly important for your mental health, and this goes a long way in ensuring your skin stays healthy and glowing too!

Yoga is one of my favourite ways to enjoy deep power breaths while boosting my blood flow and calming my mind. It’s also great for moderating your nervous system and reducing your stress levels.

This flow is great if you’re feeling a little frazzled and stressed, and it incorporates alternate nostril breathing, a powerful breathing technique that will have you feeling truly blissed out, trust me!

We hope this post inspires you to take time for yourself and show yourself some real love,


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