Give to Yourself So You Can Give to Others

Bath time: Give to yourself so you can give to others

“You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have.” – Oprah Winfrey

In this day and age, we live in a culture of burnout that has become rampant. We throw ourselves into our family, our work, our obligations to others. We give and give and give until we have nothing left for ourselves.

But where does that leave us?

The stress in our lives can be overwhelming. While we all have the enduring strength to take on the challenges the world throws at us, it is not limitless. We are less able to handle stress when we’re already depleted and exhausted. When we run on empty, it has an effect on the quality of our relationships, interactions and most importantly on our happiness.

A relaxed woman floats in the water

Life is about re-calibrating. Taking the time to reflect on your day and check-in with yourself and your body. Listening to your body and what it needs from you, so that you can nourish it with the care it needs. I’m talking about the daily practice of self-care—allowing yourself to honor and love yourself in ways that fill you up and re-energize you.

Self-care can take the shape of many different practices—through quality time with friends and family, spending time with yourself, nourishing your body with your delicious food, meditation, going for a long run, soaking in a long, hot bath (my personal favorite). Engaging in loving practices looks different for everyone, but nonetheless, it is extremely important to your health and self-worth.

At-home-spas are my absolute favorite form of self-care. Soaking in a long bath and submerging in the gift of stillness, silence and soothing aromas helps to clear the mind and nourish the body. It allows me to find peace and feel centered, and gives me the clarity, strength and energy to take on my never-ending to-do list. My own form of happiness training.

Sunflowers, oranges and white petals float in a bathtub

As Oprah once wrote, “The value you give yourself is the value the world reflects back to you. When you care about yourself enough to embrace change, you’re on the path that will lead you home to happiness.”

In the end, nourishing a healthy relationship with ourselves is crucial because it is the most important relationship in our lives—it is the foundation of everything else. Prioritizing self-care will enable us to be more present and effective in our daily interactions and personal relationships. With self-love comes more resilience and ability to handle life’s stress, as well as more energy to give and put into others.

I hope you find your little spaces for self-love and choose the path to nurturing your happiness,


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