How to Practice Self-Love in Your Daily Skincare Ritual for a Calm Mind

In today’s busy, modern world, it can be difficult to find just 5 spare minutes to catch your breath, let alone indulge oneself in a luxurious self-love and skincare ritual, yet the time for real self-care is so important.

We spend so much time dreaming of that distant vacation when we’re able to put work and life aside to focus on ourselves, without realizing how this affects our well-being. I’ve spent decades wishing for more hours in the day, pushing past the point of exhaustion and filling my plate to the brim. As mothers, we are nurturers at heart, but the love and time we give to our family and friends often gets lost when it comes to ourselves. As I’ve talked about before, while we have the enduring strength to take on the challenges the world throws at us, it is not limitless. We are less able to handle stress when we’re already depleted and exhausted. Hence, the importance of incorporating self-love into your daily routine. 

It doesn’t have to take all day, and it doesn’t need to involve a lengthy, complicated routine, but taking even 5-10 minutes for self-love affirmations, morning and night, is so incredibly important for your mental well-being.  

In this article, I want to share some of the ways I incorporate self-love into my daily routine. I also want to shed light on a few ways you can incorporate our products into your daily ritual to help relax your mind and soothe your soul that won’t take any precious time out of your day, but transform mundane tasks into acts of self-love. 

Taking care of yourself should always be the top priority. And while this may at first feel selfish, you can’t be fully present for others, including your loved ones, when you are running on empty. 

Keep reading for our favorite morning and evening body care and self-love rituals to help bring you back to yourself.

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Start your day right
Before you dive into work and emails right as you open your eyes, why not spend a few moments in quiet reflection, focusing on some things you are grateful for. Making some warm water with the juice of half a lemon is a great way to gently wake up your digestive system and show your body some love as you ease into your day. 

For me, self-love is about taking time to center myself and tune in with my feelings. Every morning, I get up before anyone else in the house and I kickstart my day with some exercise to move my body and get my blood flowing; nothing energizes me quite like a good sweat sesh!

Exercise allows me to do something good for myself and my body right at the start of the day. I then take the time to show my skin some love by nourishing and exfoliating in the shower. I love using everyday showers and baths to nurture myself and my body - washing away emotional weight in order to start anew. Our exfoliating Coffee Sugar Scrub is a great choice for helping to wake up your mind - it envelops you in warm scented coffee bliss! The aroma gets my creative juices going while the chlorogenic acids in the coffee help with inflammation and has a calming effect on my skin. 

I then follow up with a deep dose of moisture in the form of one of our decadent body butters. The act of massaging the butter into my skin allows me some time to get in touch with my feelings and gets me grounded in preparation for the day.

Starting your day the right way allows you to focus your energy on being productive during the day and you’ll check off that to-do list like a boss!

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Wind down fully before bed
After a busy day, I often like to soak away the tiredness of the day by immersing myself in our beautiful mineral bath soak. Moringa, lavender, and ylang-ylang are a stress-busting trio that will leave you floating on cloud 9, perfect before bed! When time is not on my side, I enjoy some relaxing aromatherapy by popping in a shower melt - a quickie shower diffuser.

I follow up with a quick round of meditation to get grounded and allow myself to be present with my emotions. Deep breathing helps to reduce cortisol (stress) levels, and it’s also excellent for your skin! I also use this time to check in with myself and give myself a pat on the back for all that I have accomplished throughout the day, however small.

I hope this article has helped to inspire you to take care of yourself on a daily basis without feeling guilty! As a mother and business owner, I can understand how challenging this can be, but nonetheless, it is extremely important for your health and self-worth. 

These everyday rituals help me to tune in with my body and balance my mood, so that I don’t end up running on empty. I hope you take this advice to heart and make self-loving practices a daily part of your life too!

Wishing you an easy path to self-love today,


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